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"How Ideas Get Published"

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B2Index Web Publishing Community Network

Content That Connects - Brand Info, Authorship, and Social Media

B2Index provides places for members to add valuable 'helpful' information for content marketing.

The focus is on E-A-T (Experise, Authority, Trustworthinesss) and Brand SEO, enhanced with lead generation and sales-cycle management.

These content areas range from content creator profiles, dynamic business directories, authorship articles, event calendars, job boards, and website/landing page hosting with premium tools. 

Shared resources reduce costs. Shared interests and market/niche alignment boost authority and relevancy.

SpicyPress Web Publishing Community NetworkB2Index is part of SpicyPress Web Publishing and owned by SpicyPress LLC, a small US corporation.

B2Index is one component of a much larger network of niche community domains that integrate best practices to help small businesses and organizations with online marketing.

A philosophy of cooperative digital marketing is the foundation for balancing the time, money, and effort that goes into online success.

We're on a mission to help small businesses and organizations compete against large corporations by providing access to the same tools they use in their web development and online marketing.  At a fraction of the cost. Working together, we can do a lot more for a lot less.

Web Publishing Networks

SpicyPress uses the Wordpress blogging and CMS (content management) platform together with top-name Theme Frameworks, Plugins and Page Builders under GPL licensing.

Because it's Wordpress-based most support people need to make things work comes from the WP Community. Knowledgebase and support ticketing system help with platform and business issues.

Disclaimer: premium support from developers is Not included in plans but can be made available directly or indirectly. 


Give people and search engines what they're looking for... join the Community.

What is SpicyPress? Read more about How Ideas Get Published

Give People and Search Engines What They're Looking For

The B2Index Community Network brings together all the different ways B2C & B2B businesses and organizations communicate with existing and potential customers. In one convenient place.

Find It HerePeople can find the info they care about and use the channels they prefer. Quickly and easily.

For marketers that rely on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, etc. using the network will get more results from the work you're already doing.

Google Friendly Marketing strategy means content creators get recognized for their expertise. The network is a good way to connect existing websites to a broader range of potential customers and strengthen authority - with both people and search engines.

Open philosophy encourages like-minded agencies & contractors to use the network.

Content Marketing That Connects

Digital Cooperative Marketing

Make the Job Easier, So You Can Do More !

Small Business MarketingAsk yourself this question: If you're doing marketing, doesn't it seem like a good idea to connect your business and brand info with all your content and customer engagement on social media and your website(s)/blogs? So that the work done one place benefits other channels.

Because we use publicly available resources and tap into major social media and other content platforms we can minimize the effort it takes to market to a larger audience. All it takes is a little bit of participation setting things up - then some reasonable follow-ups to keep things updated and active.

If you want to be associated with things going on in your niche, this is the place to start.

Balance Your Time, Money, and Effort

B2Index offers marketers the resources they need to do small tasks, or big projects. Do one small thing, or build your business around the platform.

The Right StuffThe right technology and strategies get more results with less effort. Co-operative marketing makes things easier and more affordable.

Crowd marketing is proven to be successful - especially for brand SEO, social media, content marketing, and engagement with existing & potential customers (aka relationship marketing).

Shared resources reduce costs. Shared interests and marketplace alignment boost authority.

Membership options are flexible enough to handle marketing for a one person operation or whole cities.

Website Hosting

B2Index Web Publishing Network

Authority Requires CONTENT and ACTIVITY Connected to Your Brand

Local, Global, Online, eCommerce, and On Main Street

The old business advice of "give 'em what they want" & "make it easy to buy" still holds true.

B2Index makes it easier for potential customers looking for insights on products, suppliers, and services to get the info they care about, from multiple sources, aggregated to one convenient place (or at least, easier for them to find and navigate to).

Give people and search engines what they're looking for.

Content and Relationship Marketing Platform(s)

Small businesses and organizations can use the B2Index Web Publishing Network to get more results from both new and existing social media and content marketing efforts and influence the customer sales cycle.

Syndication, feed display, and data connections add value. Optional tools take things to the next level for managing lead generation.

set and forget marketing

Dozens of different niche sites are dedicated to areas of common interest. These community networks feature relevant useful content, data connections, and shared resources to reduce costs.

A robust selection of professional-grade tools covers a wide range of marketing tasks. Documentation and support are available. Hire us for tasks and/or outsourced contractors are encouraged.

Partners Make It Work

A big reason B2Index is successful is the involvement of 3rd-Party agencies and contractors helping their clients. 

We also offer generous rewards to members for referring friends, followers, and peers.

Whether it's a small task or managing complex campaigns, partners can have confidence that quality tools and resources are available at very affordable costs. Dig deeper on the Partners page.

Flexible Choices

Networks can be used for a variety of reasons. Host your primary brand website, tier 1 blog, or simply promote and strengthen other websites through content marketing brand SEO.

Use one tool for a task or base all your marketing around network resources.

Get StartedGet started by creating your free profile, then choose from various free or premium network options ranging from business listingsarticle authorship, managed website/blog hostingecommerce shopsjob board, and events calendar. Please don't overlook our partners & referral programs.

"Use the Power of the Crowd"

Business Development Content Marketing

Web Publishing Community Network


  • Member Profile w/ Activity Feed
  • Directory Listings w/ Dynamic Updates
  • E-A-T Article Authorship 
  • Hosted Website/Blog w/ Built-in SEO
  • Job Board Listings 
  • Events Calendar 
  • Partner & Referral Rewards


Get More Results From Your Existing Multi-Channel Marketing

Take Advantage of the Network to Launch Effective New Campaigns

SpicyPress Web Publishing

We're Part of SpicyPress

We're Not Hiring, But We Are Recruiting

Barter and Trade Welcome, Too

3rd Party Contractors/Freelancers/Agencies are Invited to Use the Network

Local Businesses & Organizations are Encouraged to Tell Their Friends, Family, and Peers about Cooperative Digital Marketing and the Power of the Crowd

Small businesses can take on the big companies using the same strategies and tactics, but do it better.

Generous Referral Rewards is another good reason to Sign Up.