B2Index Partners = Opportunity

Web Publishing Community Networks Run on Partnerships

The success of the network relies upon the participation of its member partners.

Compelling incentives include substantial referral rewards and personalized support for projects together with partner-membership packages intended to make things easier to manage.

  • Peers sharing solutions
  • Agencies managing brand cross-channel content marketing
  • Freelancers and independent contractors working on gigs 
  • Bloggers and Influencers discussing trends and ideas

Please Consider the First Penguin Theory

Penguin Theory

Guinea Pig, Canary in the Mine, or First Penguin?

Marketing Opportunities

When new opportunities present themselves, few people like being
the first penguin to test the water and find out if predators are lurking .

The Market Waits for No One

Marketing Initiative

But waiting around to see what happens is also bad for business.
Someone sneaks up from behind you, or the ice melts under your feet.

That first penguin might need a push from you to get started

(or maybe just a referral)


Early Bird Gets the Best Fish

Don't let the ice melt under your feet - take action.

At a minimum, join the network and complete your profile, and then sign-up for referral rewards program.

Then you might want a subscription to add your business listing on the Outsource Marketplace directory (we funnel prospective customers to this directory).

Up your game and register as an Agency or Freelancer - which will get you personal project support assistance setting up and promoting your business, finding clients, closing deals, and delivering on tasks & projects. And... we will give you the opportunity to work on our projects as a 3rd-party resource. 

Start telling people about the network - earn commissions for websites, directory listings, and premium memberships. Provide value added services to maximize the potential of these resources.

Affiliate Referral Rewards

Earn digital chestnut rewards and upto 50% and flat rate commissions simply by referring people to B2Index.

Remember, Memberships (including authority building profiles) are free, so people will thank you for letting them know about web publishing and cooperative digital marketing.

Members are automatically enrolled as affiliates - please go to the B2Index Affiliate Area to setup your flexible link options.

Freelancer and Agency Packages

We recognize the importance of working with 3rd-party contractors and agencies to make the community network better. We try to simplify things and offer packages that incentivize using the system.

SpicyPress B2Index

B2Index is part of SpicyPress Web Publishing Networks

To find out more about SpicyPress please go to our website.

What Makes Being a B2Index Partner Worthwhile

Our mission is to help small businesses and organizations succeed against larger and more well-established companies. We believe that following best practice guidelines makes this possible. In order to be affordable, and more effective, we rely upon cooperative digital marketing. This opens the door for 3rd-party contributors that are invited to use the platform to help their clients.

As you know, there are many different ways for a small business to attract potential customers and generate leads that convert into revenue. However, most owners or managers are too busy to take the time to get the most from their online 'presence' and 'properties'. 

They focus on what's already working and familiar. You'll hear "I know my customers better than anyone!" but... do they know the customers they're not getting? Opportunity cost can add up to a big number. 

They probably focus on one thing -- Facebook, or Instagram, or taking phone calls from their Website.

SEO is a vague thing to many people, or it might seem impossible to compete against bigger companies. However when it comes to 'local' marketing - small businesses have an advantage - if they follow best practice strategies.

They might be good at advertising, but many people paying a lot of money to Facebook or Google ads, forget all about relationship marketing and managing the sales cycle. There is always room for improvement. Always.

When it comes to marketing, it's likely they are disorganized and don't have the time to create compelling information that leverages data connections to boost their E-A-T across all their channels. Heck, they probably have never even heard of E-A-T Score, despite it being included in all Google search result calculations.

They also don't know how to re-use the same content to their advantage to get it seen by a bigger or different audience in different places.

One of the great things about internet marketing is that it's a 'numbers game'. A small improvement in a couple of different places can have a substantial impact on results. Increase traffic by a few percentage points, improve conversion rates by a percent or two... and all of a sudden sales can go up by 10 or 20%.

Oftentimes something that seems intangible and esoteric, shows up in bottom-line results.

relationship marketing

But in reality, we don't have the time to deal with it either,
and need help from PARTNERS

Whatever you do... don't tell potential clients
"You're Doing it Wrong!" ... simply Show them what's possible.

Balance Time, Money, and Effort

Online marketing success comes down to balancing resources. This is different for every company or organization.

Online Marketing

Things You Can Offer

In addition to simply using a referral link to earn commissions, please consider valuable services that small businesses and organizations will benefit from. 

As agencies or freelancers these services can be specific to B2Index or fall under more general marketing or web development services which makes them highly valuable and worth pursuing. One-and-done, or part of a long-term ongoing services contract.

Use B2Index as a reason to introduce yourself and your services. Everyone likes getting something valuable for free (member profiles, events calendar, job listings) and things can grow from there.

Web Publishing Community Network

  • Member Profile w/ Activity Feed
  • Directory Listings w/ Dynamic Updates
  • E-A-T Article Authorship 
  • Hosted Website/Blog w/ Built-in SEO
  • Hosted Landing Pages w/ CRM
  • Job Board Listings 
  • Events Calendar 
  • Partner & Referral Rewards

Setup Profile Accounts

E-A-T Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness begins with a robust content creator / brand profile. B2Index Member Profiles include links to social media profiles and other important data points. Simply making sure social media and GMB/Google Business Profiles are completed, and what their URL address is, can be a time consuming job.

We try to leverage Google resources as much as possible, especially 'maps' and 'places' - which are critical to verification & E-A-T Score. This is not always easy to do for small businesses crunched for time. Many entrepreneurs recognize the value from maximizing Google and Bing, but simply don't have the bandwidth to deal with it. 


Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

Business Directory Listings

Directory Listings

Extending beyond member profiles, premium directory listings are packed with features that tie together many different profiles and content sources.

The intention is to aggregate information from multiple sources to make it easier for people to find what they're interested in, and for search engine bots to associate relevant data and 'entities'.

We make it possible to display content feeds from social media and websites. We link to reviews and map/places information. These require locating URL's and testing feeds. 

Content Syndication

Premium membership levels include Article Authorship and Website/Blog hosting.  Generated content can be automatically distributed to a wider audience on multiple social media and web 2.0 sites. This requires getting the API from destination site. Frankly this is a nightmare unless you're familiar with it... and the methodology changes frequently. It's easy on our side, not so much on Facebook et al.

Cooperative Digital Marketing

Success Gets Rewarded

Social Media and Search Engine platforms use algorithms to calculate what is worthy of showing to people. A lot of user activity and data relationships get tracked across the internet to figure out what is popular.

Steps to Take


No, really. Please read this.

Integrity will be enforced. 

Our mission is to help small businesses and organizations succeed against larger corporations and conglomerates. We believe that following best practice guidelines makes this possible. To make this affordable, and more effective, we rely upon cooperative digital marketing. This means it's a shared experience.

We don't sell private member information - but, we do require public facing data - this publishing network is NOT about anonymity. 

We add friction to using the network to discourage bad actors. ensure security, and improve content quality. 

We require content to be useful and relevant. Don't waste your time if that doesn't align with your goals. Please take a look at Google Search Essentials.

Misleading information will not be tolerated.

Please take a look at Terms of Service.

Let's work together.

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