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Use Content To Improve Your Business

People Are More Likely To Do Business With Names They Know, Like, & Trust

How do people know if something is Trustworthy?

Who determines what Authority means?

What makes someone an Expert?

The concept is called E-A-T Score. Expertise, Authority, Trust.

There isn't an actual score number, but it's what both people and search engines try to figure out.

It's worth the effort to work on E-A-T to improve SERP search results, and CRO conversion rates.

Buyers Seldom Decide the
First Time They See an Offer

The "Sales Cycle" often involves Exploration, Discovery, Research, Engagement, and then... Commitment.

This process can be simple and happen quickly; or can be complex and require a lot of time, effort, and resources.

How do people discover you? What do they see when searching your company or product? Why should they keep coming back?

It's a challenge to diversify marketing strategies and find ways to stay engaged with existing and potential customers, but it's not impossible. Balancing your Time, Money, and Effort is key.

B2 Index Web Publishing Network

Dozens of Niche Community Platforms Packed with
Useful and Interesting Information

Explore, Discover, Research, Contact, and Purchase from Trusted Suppliers

Locate, Buy, Sell, Create, Syndicate, Promote, Review, Share, Quiz, Poll, Contest, Teach & Learn

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What's B2 Index About?

Local, Global, Online, and on Main Street

The old business advice of "give 'em what they want" & "make it easy to buy" still holds true.

By using B2 Index, potential customers looking for insights on products, suppliers, and services get the info they care about, from multiple sources, aggregated to one convenient place (or at least, easier to find and navigate to).

Content and Relationship Marketing Platform(s)

Small businesses and organizations can use the B2 Index Web Publishing Network to get more results out of existing social media and content marketing efforts.

set and forget marketing

Dozens of different niche sites are dedicated to areas of common interest. These community networks feature relevant useful content, data connections, and shared resources to reduce costs. A robust selection of professional grade tools cover a wide range of marketing tasks. Documentation and support is available.

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Partners Make It Work

A big reason B2 Index is successful is the involvement of 3rd-Party agencies and contractors helping their clients.

We also offer generous rewards to members for referring friends, followers, and peers.

Flexible Choices

Networks can be used to host your primary brand website or promote and strengthen other websites through content marketing brand SEO.

Get StartedGet started by creating your free profile, then choose from various free or premium network options ranging from business listingsarticle authorship, managed website/blog hostingecommerce shopsjob board, and events calendar. Please don't overlook our partners & referral programs.

Google Friendly Marketing

Google Friendly Marketing

Take Advantage of the Crowd

A Web Publishing Network is about Brand Identity, Authorship, Automation, and Syndication. Network sites aggregate posts from social media and other sites (including real reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, AirBnB).

Created content gets distributed and shared. Large scale 'topic clusters' funnel attention toward solutions (your offer).

It's easier for people to find information they want, and gives search engines the 'data relationship' that ties 'entity' to authority, and ultimately search results. Easier to find more mentions, more places, in front of more people.

    • Do-it-Yourself DIY   
    • Done-For-You DFY   
    • Do-It-For-Others DFO 

"Use the Power of the "Crowd"

Business Development Content Marketing


Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

Everybody Has a Story to Tell

The Difficult Part is Making It Interesting and Getting It Seen by More People

How Hot Can You Make It?Spicypress Web Publishing
How Hot Can You Make It?

B2 Index is a SpicyPress Web Publishing project. This means we're committed to helping small businesses and organizations compete against larger conglomerates and corporations.

We leverage an array of premium quality tools with innovative best practices. We use shared resources to balance the Time, Money, and Effort it takes to have a successful online business presence. 

  • Do-it-Yourself DIY   
  • Done-For-You DFY   
  • Do-It-For-Others DFO 
Balance Marketing Budget

Simple Tasks or Complex Strategies

Business to Business

SpicyPress Web Publishing

A SpicyPress Web Publishing Project      

Community Network Content Areas

B2 Index/Spicypress Business Development platforms feature tools, strategies, and services to influence & control the Sales Cycle and improve E-A-T Scores (Expertise, Authority, Trust). Lead generation, social media marketing, and SEO are built-in. 

set and forget marketing"Set and forget", or make it part of the daily grind. Affordable, versatile and flexible - use a few tools, or fully manage marketing tasks and CRM Customer Relationship Management.

Automate, syndicate, and outsource. Extend your reach and get more from your existing content. Community network relevancy leverages the value of co-citations and co-occurrence data relationships. Shared resources and generous GPL licensing keeps costs to a minimum.

  • Do-it-Yourself DIY   
  • Done-For-You DFY   
  • Do-It-For-Others DFO 

MembershipMembership Profiles

Valuable member profiles connect relevant Activity and Content to Your Branded Social Media, Citations, and Website(s).

Membership is Free and premium upgrades provide access to an impressive war chest of effective tools.

It's the first step toward boosting your E-A-T Score! Associate your identity with relevant content, activity, and social media. Get Started

News TopicsAuthorship: Topic Articles, News & Stories

Member submitted "solution" content including news, tips & advice articles, and company/product/service updates.

Great approach for established and emerging brands and content creators looking to get their work seen in front of new audiences.

Keep in mind that Google stresses evaluating 'authors' when calculating SERP search results. Problem-solving content found across the internet will boost E-A-T; and it will increase the chances of getting 'discovered' and improve perception when potential customers do 'research'. This, in turn, boosts CRO conversion rate optimization when people are ready to buy.

Articles posted on the network will benefit from co-citation / co-occurrence RSS feed promotion. You also have the option to syndicate to your social media accounts.

[please note this is about building authorship credibility, it's not an anonymous spammy low-quality PBN]

Authorship article posting is a premium option for members with choice of one time posting or monthly quotas. Start by creating your authority profile on B2 Index , and then select your appropriate platform. 

Business DirectoryDirectory

Business citations with a difference. Listings feature detailed information about brands, companies, and organizations.

Dynamic updated feeds from social media & other content sources keep Google & Bing coming back to see what's new.

Much more than just an online business card.

Get Started by signing up on B2 Index and creating your profile. Then locate the network platform(s) most suitable for your business and select your premium subscription plan.

Job BoardJob Board

Post or apply for jobs.

In-house, outsourced, permanent, or temporary. Fulfill your staffing requirements, or land that next career move or short-term gig.

A great way to gain trust and authority, and to generate engagement and mentions.

Job Board listings are free for members. Begin by signing up on B2 Index and creating your profile. Then locate the network platform(s) most suitable for your business or career.

Events CalendarEvents Calendar

Read or post upcoming events including webinars. Google loves to index events and follows links.

Very good for building trust, authority, and expertise while making more people aware of what's going on with your organization and industry.

SpicyPress Website HostingWebsite Hosting (with premium plugins & themes)

Full-featured websites/tier 1 blogs for emerging brands and industry bloggers. Ideal for content and relationship marketing.

Wordpress, templates, and page builders make things quick, easy, and exportable. Create targeted lead generation landing pages and/or supercharge your blogging. Distribute and post feed content.

Managed hosting with unmatched value with built-in SEO and access to high-quality collection of premium themes and plugins. Find out more details about Marketing Websites

SpicyPress Website Hosting

"Dollar-a-Day" Managed and Hosted Premium Websites Available

MarketplaceProducts & Services Marketplace

Don't miss-out on latest deals.


Generous referral rewards earn affiliate income and we encourage participation by 3rd-party independent freelancers and agencies.

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Expertise, Authority, and Trust

Give People and Search Engines
What They're Looking For

Community Network

Create & Distribute Content
Syndicate Feeds to and from Social Media & Blogs

  • Do-it-Yourself DIY   
  • Done-For-You DFY   
  • Do-It-For-Others DFO 
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